Shiatsu Society (UK)

CPD - Workshop and course providers

All the below are Shiatsu Society Registered Teachers who provide workshops and courses within the UK

Doe Warnes

Email:, Tel: 07981 115418

Upcoming workshops include

  • Move and Embody the Chinese five elements -A moving meditation to connect mind, body and the natural environment. 
  • Japanese Facial Rejuvenating Massage
  • Joint Mobilisations techniques for the older adult


East West College, Farnham - Carina Hamilton

Email:  Tel: 07799 238810

Specialises in CPD and Postgraduate courses and qualifications

Elaine Liechti

Email: 01505 682889 / 07968800424


Types of course: Onsite Seated Shiatsu certificate course (through Glasgow School of Shiatsu). Shiatsu for back pain – CPD course


Hannah Mackay

Email:  Tel: 07762 821364


Types of course: Hannah is enthusiastic about supporting practitioners and students at all stages of professional development. Individual sessions (tutorials and supervision) are available. She currently runs one-day workshops in Manchester, on a variety of topics including Zen shiatsu; Extraordinary Meridians; pregnancy; working with stretches, flexibility, hypermobility. She is developing more intensive training on shiatsu and emotions. She is available to teach groups in other locations.


Kindy Kaur

Email: Tel: 07703 256 708


Types of course:  Shiatsu and ShinTai CPD and postgraduate training


Living in Resonance - Alice Whieldon

Email: Tel: 07957 233345


Sei-ki courses and Mind Clearing for Shiatsu practitioners plus Enlightenment Intensives for self-development


New Energy Work 

Online video based online courses with discounts for Shiatsu Society members

Plus CPD days and Residential Workshops 


Free resources available -

Courses and free resources include the following themes:

  • Foundations of Advanced Shiatsu Energy Work 
  • Treating the Back 
  • Treating Stress and Trauma with Shiatsu and TCM 
  • Successful Practice 

Upcoming course include:

  • Shiatsu the Scientific Basis - due for launch Spring 2019
  • TCM for Shiatsu - due for launch Autumn 2019 


Nicola Endicott

Email:, Tel: 01306640389

Website: &

Wellmother Foundation workshop on the Extraordinary Vessels


Nicola Ley


Website: and

Shiatsu and qigong courses and workshops

Paul Lundberg



Courses and Workshops: Integrating Traditional Do-In and Seiki with formal Shiatsu; Principles and Practice of Daoyin Qigong. (Medical School/Remedial Applications).

Sally Ibbotson



CPD in Qigong as I am a qualified Teacher and also in Jin Shin Jyutsu specifically for shock and trauma. I offer personalised Qigong forms reflecting the individuals elemental make up.


Samurai Programme (SP) Coordinator and Trainer UK - Svenja Schaper



A practical and structured programme introducing Shiatsu touch and Japanese culture to children and their families. As a SP trainer you can teach the SP in primary school and/or community projects. There is also a specially adapted SP for older adults incl. those living with dementia and their families.


School for Experiential Education - Bill Palmer & Teresa Hadland

Email: 33, Vicarage St, Frome, BA11 1PU 


Types of Course: Postgraduate Diploma in Movement Shiatsu, Inner Qigong Courses and Teacher training, Open workshops on the Six Forms of Touch.


Shiatsu College, Hastings - Annie Cryar

Email: Tel: 07722868397


Types of course: Qigong Teacher Training, Yoga Teacher Training,  Level 4 Certificate in Education and Training (RRQ)

Wellmother - Suzanne Yates



Types of course: Extraordinary Vessels (general course in person and on line) and Maternity focused courses (including work with Extraordinary Vessels: Fertility and Menstrual cycle, Pregnancy, Birth and Postnatal mother and baby (in person and online)