Shiatsu Society (UK)

Learn simple self-Shiatsu techniques and exercises

Ways to maintain your own wellbeing and energy

Traditionally in Japan Shiatsu has been a part of everyday life. The practice of Shiatsu includes movement and mindfulness exercises which promote flow of Ki (energy) in the body. Exercises that connect body and mind, and ground our connection with the earth, whilst opening our connection to the Ki of the universe.

Families would also use acupressure on each other, and on themselves, to relieve minor ailments, healing each other with touch.

Shiatsu Practitioners across the UK are offering Grassroots Shiatsu classes. These classes are all about empowering people to look after themselves, and hopefully mean they don’t need to seek the support of practitioners so often, but become self sufficient, and live life more fully.

The insurance provided by Shiatsu Society (UK) for all Members (including students) includes cover for members to share within a group any practices which were a part of their Shiatsu training; so long as they are not issuing a certificate of competence to attendees. 

Classes may include any of a variety of different exercises which form part of the practice of Shiatsu, maintaining our own, and supporting each others wellbeing. Exercises such as stretches, mindfulness, qi gong, movement, do-in, breathwork etc. Classes might include information from traditional Chinese medicine or Zen Shiatsu theory, to help you understand your own energy (Ki). Classes may also include acupressure and Shiatsu techniques to do on yourself, or working in partners exploring with each other. 

Please read this article taken from the Shiatsu Society Journal for more about the ethos behind Grassroots Shiatsu.